Wednesday, 29 April 2009

State Attack Dogs

State Attack Dogs

Yesterday morning at approximately 9 O' Clock, I was going about my law abiding business of walking my dog Rocky along Pearson Park Avenue, in the direction of Pearson Park, coming from Beverley Road (A1079), when a police car drove past me heading towards Beverley Road. I thought I detected the occupants paying me undue attention as the police car went past. Just because I'm paranoid it doesn't mean that they aren't out to get me. Sure enough I caught a glimpse of the police car as it flashed past me on the wrong side of the road, and pulled up to a stop at the kerb just ahead of me.

From the front passenger side emerged whom I now know to be PC 1601 Cherry. As he came up close to me he said: "John. I want to have a word with you". I replied: "What about?". He said: "It's about Rocky. We want you to come into the police station at Pearson Park. We're going to arrest you under the Dangerous Dogs Act, and Section 5 of the Public Order Act. But, take Rocky for his walk first and be there at 10.30 or we'll have to come and arrest you". I replied: "As far as I'm concerned, it police harassment. It hardly gives me time enough for breakfast and to take Rocky for his walk". He said: "It's time enough", and walked back to the police car.

The last time they sent 6 coppers and were very heavy-handed. My hands cuffed behind me and Rocky dragged out of the house with one of those chokers on a pole, he must have been scared stiff poor dog. I heard him yelping for 5 hours before I was released on police bail.

At least this time it was more civilised. I was only cuffed in front, but still I thought it amounted to a false arrest and false imprisonment, and assault. This time I was in there for 7 hours. They said that the delay was down to me asserting my right to have a solicitor present. In my view, they could have phoned and informed me and I could have arrived with my solicitor.

I was surprised when the charge sheet read:

"Dog not under proper control - complaint only
Between 16/10/2008 and 18/01/2009 at the City of Kingston upon Hull being the owner of a dog which was dangerous and not kept under proper control, complaint is laid by Humberside Police who applies for an order that the dog is to be kept under proper control or destroyed.

A Google search provided the answer why they had decided to use the old Act instead of the more modern Act. "The strength of the 1871 Act is that as it is not part of the criminal law, it operates on a lower standard of proof and proceedings can be taken even when a criminal offence has not been committed. It provides a remedy in a wide range of circumstances for the destruction, or imposition of controls, on dangerous dogs. A particular advantage of the 1871 Act is the fact that it applies everywhere, even in and around a private house which is why it is particularly appropriate for action on behalf of people such as postmen and women who are regularly at risk from dogs in front gardens". And the second part here is very worrying given how vague and catch-all the wording appears to be:

"Any dog is dangerously out of control if:
• it injures a person, or
• it behaves in a way that makes
a person worried that it might
injure them

I see this as State encroachment of dog lovers liberties. Are we no longer a nation of dog lovers?

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